CrossFit Stockton

April 29

28 Apr

Happy Belated 12th Birthday Daniel! The workout today is in honor of you turning 12….. Technique and Speed are two separate but equal entities when it comes to getting better times in workout. Clean movement is more efficient and takes less energy. All too often with body weight exercises we see a decrease in quality when […]

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April 25

25 Apr

Getting ready for a workout takes many forms. Raising your body tempature, putting your joints through a full range of motion, and prepping yourself pychologically all play a roll. Don’t neglect the warm up. It may be the difference between a PR or not. Workout of the day 20 AMRAP 10 one arm dumbbell snatch […]

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April 23

22 Apr

The split jerk demands fast feet and fast hands.  Olympic style weightlifters train the split to increase there maximum load.  That usually always involves training the same foot forward.  Should we as  athletes do the same?  I have noticed that when I put my weaker foot forward I am stronger. What do you think? Today maybe […]

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April 22

21 Apr

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Please read below as it pertains to your workout today=) Having the strength and power to drive up out of a squat while loaded with weight is only half the battle.  The mental determination to succeed will often increase your ability to complete a lift.  Never stop fighting or […]

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