CrossFit Stockton

May 31

30 May

It’s Friday you all will have to come in to see what the workout is today!!!!!   It’s the end of another month , and I just want to thank all the new and old clients that walk thru our door each day. We know you don’t always love the workouts , but you all […]

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May 30

29 May

Workout of the day Skill 3 rounds (not for time) 25 Hollow Rocks 25 Superman Hold L Seat  for 30 seconds 10 rounds 5  kipping pullups 10 Kettlebell swings 70/50 20 Double unders        

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May 29

28 May

Movement prep is not always fun, but it is important. Preparing the body for high intensity workouts can help set the stage for better movement and outcomes. Summer schedule Change : 5am class is cancelled  when aug rolls around if there is a need to add it back in we will Open gym time: we […]

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May 28

27 May

Hope everyone enjoyed there holiday weekend… Starting next week at 10am we will have are kid/teen classes for the summer. If your looking to keep the kids busy come in and see what the program is all about. Since we were closed yesterday we are doing are hero workout today Workout of the day Skill […]

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May 22

21 May

This weekend we will have a schedule change due to the Crossfit regionals ..I am judging so I will be out of town…Thank you all for understanding=) Thursday 23rd no 5pm Friday 24th Closed Monday (memorial day) closed   Workout of the day skill 25 strict ring dips Three rounds for time of: Bodyweight deadlift, […]

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may 15

14 May

Our hips are capable of generating more power than any other part of our bodies.  From core to extremity, they are responsible for initiating many of the movements we practice daily in CrossFit. The clean and the thruster both are powerful hip movements.  The thruster involves a push of the arms, whereas the clean requires […]

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