CrossFit Stockton

july 1st

30 Jun

The overhead squat is the mother of all squats.  It reveals any and all faults with humiliating consistency.  At a crossfit workout we don’t do “abs”.  Instead, we have the overhead squat.  It ruthlessly tests the stability of an athletes mid-line. Workout of the day Strength/skill 15 overhead squats. Find your max for 15 consecutive reps. Can you […]

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June 25

24 Jun

There are countless attributes that good coaches have that make them effective. More simply put they need the ability to distinguish good movement from bad, and they need the language and determination to affect change ……How’s are coaching ?let us know we always love to hear feed back Workout of the Day Strength 5*5 Front squat 12 […]

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June 19

18 Jun

Each day in the gym we are proving to ourselves that our fitness matters and that the CrossFit method works. Putting in the time and effort to learn new skills and push yourself to the limits is courageous work. Our little gym is your proving grounds. Get some! Workout of the Day strength every minute on […]

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june 18

17 Jun

The link below is a great blog written by Diane Fu @SF CROSSFIT. Please take time to read it . The article is ” The body likes to follow the path of least resistance Workout of the day 10 jumping jacks> 4 monkey hangs > 10 squats > 5 push-ups> cone drills> speed ladder warm up […]

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