CrossFit Stockton

August 29th

28 Aug

The beauty of the deadlift is in its simplicity.  Lifting weight from the ground to the high hang position… tight… slow… controlled… simple.  The beauty of the deadlift is also in its results.  When it comes to increasing strength, the deadlift is among the most important. Workout of the Day Strength emotm for 8 minutes […]

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August 26th

25 Aug

Happy Monday! Some schedule updates for the upcoming holiday weekend.. Friday morning classes will remain the same there will be no 4pm or Saturday classes.. Monday we will only have  8am and 9am classes the kids are welcome in these two morning classes. Please check the white board for are next paleo Friday evening potluck […]

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August 23rd

22 Aug

  T.G.I.F  I’ve decided today for fun we are doing two of the crossfit “nasty girls” workouts . Come join us in conquering this two girls …………. Workout of the Day Annie 50 – 40 – 30 – 20 – 10 For Time Double Unders Sit Ups Rest 3 mins Karen For Time 150 Wall […]

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August 21th

20 Aug

Workout of the day I will be showing everyone a few new mobility movements today…That I hope you all will use when you come in to roll out before your workout 7 rounds 7 Deadlifts 155/205 7 box jumps 20/24 7 ghd sit ups  

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August 19th

18 Aug

The thruster is arguably one of the most representative movements of CrossFit. It is  very special due to it’s ability to humble even the toughest athletes. It’s a weightlifting movement that packs a wicked metabolic punch and requires on all ten general phys skills. Done by themselves or in combination with other movements it is […]

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