CrossFit Stockton

February 26th

25 Feb

April 5th we will be hosting Crossfit Stockton’s one year anniversary party. Save the date , and more details will be posted. Workout of the day skill will be posted in the gym then for time In front of a clock set for 16 minutes: 4 minutes of DB man makers 4 minutes of rowing 4 […]

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February 20th

19 Feb

Workout of the day Strength/Skill 15 minutes EMOTM odd minutes 4 Heavy Back squats 85% Even minutes 4 strict hspu Then 21-15-9 DB snatch (alternating arms) 55/35 Toe to bar (after each round 50 double unders)        Back squat then for time  

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February 18th

17 Feb

    Workout of the day Skill/Strength 2 times thru 3 rope climbs 10 chest to bar   then for time run 800 meters 21 squat cleans 115/85 21 GHD’s 21 doubles unders run 400 15 squat cleans 15 GHD’s 21 double unders run 250 9 squat cleans 9 GHD’s 21 double unders     […]

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February 17th

16 Feb

Mondays schedule ; their is no 5am or 6am , or 3:15..all other classes are running   Workout of the day Strength 4*3 Muscle Snatch 3*3 Snatch Balance 5*2 Squat Snatch ( the scaled strength for those of you who are newer  will be the snatch balance) There will be an optional workout posted for those of […]

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