CrossFit Stockton

July 1st

30 Jun

Jose doing a one arm kb swing  at University of Iowa ….thanks for the great photo Jose strength 4*400 meter sprint ( 2 minutes rest in between rounds) then for time 15 minute amrap 9 burpee  broad jumps 12  snatches  75/115 15 chest to bar  

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June 30th

29 Jun

Workout of the day strength 4*4 @65% 4*2 @85% 5*1 @ 100% ( this is your one rep max) back squats then (optional wod if lift is finished) 50-40-30-20-10 double unders (jump ropes 3’xs the amount) v-ups jump lunges

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June 25th

24 Jun

It’s  summer vacation time, and with many of you on the road the next several weeks we’ve asked you to share some photos. Jose is one of our early morning and evening  clients , he is currently driving across the U.S with his wife and four kids. In the next few weeks you will see […]

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June 24th

23 Jun

Workout of the day skill 10 rollups (to a squat ) avd is a pistol 40 hollow rocks 30 v-ups 2x’s thru then 1000 meter run 21 one arm snatch L 21 one arm snatch R 21 Pull ups 800 meter  Run 15 one arm snatch L 15 one arm snatch R 15 Pull ups […]

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