CrossFit Stockton

Aug 31st

30 Aug

Workout of the day Strength EMOTM for 10 minutes 1 hang clean*power clean*squat clean *jerk   Conditioning 3 rounds run 400 15  power snatches 115/65 run 250 30 c2b run 100 15 front squats 115/65  

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Aug 27th

26 Aug

The CrossFit Hero wods can sometimes be the most intense workouts that we experience.    They have been conceived and are intended to be performed with intense effort, in honor of our fallen Heroes. Don’t think to your self, I can’t do that or it looks to hard. Instead focus on what you can do, scale where needed, […]

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aug 26

25 Aug Crossfit Lodi will be hosting lift up for autism. We would love if for you all to come out and support or participate in this great event. Please check out the link above, and ask us about it the next time your in to workout   workout of of the day strength / skill 5*3 […]

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Aug 25th

24 Aug If you haven’t checked out where all my  delicious food comes from I have posted the link. These girls are awesome, and the food is great. If you have any questions about it  just ask ….   Workout of the day Skill/strength 1 minute rounds (2 times thru) l-sit holds ring dips sit ups […]

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Aug 24th

23 Aug

workout of the day strength EMOTM for 10 minutes 1 hang clean * power clean * squat clean (adding weight till you hit your 3 rep max)   Conditioning 21-15-9 power cleans 95/135 front rack lunges push jerk

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aug 20

19 Aug

workout of the day strength Paused Front Squats (3 count pause in bottom, no bounce to stand) 2X3@70%, 2X3@75%, 2X3@80% 2X2@85% – based on 1rm Front Squat, rest 90 sec.   conditioning 12 minute AMRAP of: 8 Strict HSPU 12 Hang Snatches  95/65# 200m Sprint

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Aug 17th

17 Aug

Workout of the day Strength You have 20 minutes to work up to a 3 rep max Deadlift   Conditioning Rest exactly 1:00 between #1 and #2. 1) 10:00 AMRAP at a moderate intensity 40 6″ Target Burpees 40 Thrusters 75/55# 2) 5:00 AMRAP (all out effort) of: 10 6″ Target Burpees 10 Thrusters 75/55# […]

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