CrossFit Stockton

Oct 1st

30 Sep

Workout of the day skill/Strength posted in the gym   conditioning 5 rounds 6 one-arm dumbbell thrusters, left arm 6 one-arm dumbbell thrusters, right arm 30 walking lunges 200 meter farmer carry  

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Sept 30th

29 Sep

Below are a few links to help those of you seeking out double unders…. Need help with double-unders? Here are some videos to help (and you might recognize a few people). “From Single-unders to Double-unders” “Double-under Positioning” “Hand Position in the Double-under” “Mikko Salo’s Training: Double-unders” Workout of the day Strength 7*3 Front squats @ […]

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Sept 29th

28 Sep

workout of the day skill/strength Every 2 Minute For 14 Minutes 10 Pull Ups 5 Toes to Bar from 10 Hollow Rocks   Conditioning 2 rounds run 400m 30 Deadlifts 185/135 30 handstand push ups 20 kb swings70/53 20 chest 2 bar      

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Sept 28th

27 Sep

Workout of the day Strength O.T.M.E.M for 10minutes (on the minute every minute) 1 hang snatch , 1 power snatch, 2 overhead squats   then Amrap in 13 minutes 35 double unders 11 wallballs 14/20 7 burpee box jumps 24/20  

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Sept 24th

23 Sep

Workout of the day “Nate” Complete as many rounds in twenty minutes as you can of: 2 Muscle-ups or 4 chest to bar or 8 pullups 4 Handstand Push-ups 8 2-Pood Kettlebell swings Post rounds completed to comments. Enlarge image Chief Petty Officer Nate Hardy was killed Sunday February 4th during combat operations in Iraq. […]

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Sept 23nd

22 Sep

Workout of the day skill emotm for 8 minutes 15 weighted v-ups- even min 30 hollow rocks-odd minutes strength on the minute every minute for 6 minutes 8 db snatches each arm   Conditioning 3:00/2:00/1:00 for total reps: Row for calories Hang power cleans (135/95 lb.) Burpees        

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Sept 21st

20 Sep

Workout of day Strength /skill EMOM 10 – 1 hang snatch- 1 power snatch -2 overhead squats   For time 18 minute cap 800m Run 50 DU 30 Ring Push-ups 400m Run 75 DU 30 Ring Push-ups 200m Run 100 DU 30 Ring Push-ups

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sept 18th

17 Sep

Workout of the day Strength Emotm for 10 minutes 3 squat cleans ( adding weight each round till you hit your 3 rep max)   conditioning 4 rounds 12 dumbbell snatches 30/55 24 Box jumps 20/24 36 kettlebell swings 53/36

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