CrossFit Stockton

November 30th

29 Nov

Workout of the Day Strength 6*4 Paused Back squats (hold at the bottom 3 seconds) Conditioning “Opens workout 15.3” 14:00 AMRAP of   RX-7 Muscle Ups (scaled 3 ring dips+3 pullups=1mu) 50 Wall ball  20/14 to 10’/9′ 100 Double Unders (scaled 300 singles)  

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November 25

24 Nov

Thanksgiving we are open 6am,7am,and 8am Workout of the day Skill/Strength 100 Dumbbell snatches (50 each arm)   Conditioning 20 minutes amrap 7 cleans 135/95 7 burpees 200 meter farmer carry (midline conditioning) 50 ghds 50 hollow rocks 50 sit ups

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November 23rd

22 Nov

Schedule for this Week Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday regular schedule. Thursday 6am, 7am, 8am, Friday 9am and 4pm   Workout of the Day Strength 6*3 Overhead squats Conditioning 7 rounds for time 7 power cleans 95/65 7 thrusters 7 Bar facing burpees          

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November 18th

17 Nov

I just wanted to thank all of our clients, coaches, and friends for the support you have given to us. We will be taking Charlie tomorrow to Oakland to prepare her for surgery Thursday morning. We are all a little anxious, but she’s one tough, sassy, pipsqueak who will come out stronger in the long run. […]

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