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Intro to CrossFit

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The intro class is for first time clients and by appointment only. This class is a not a prerequisite for taking any level group class, but highly recommended for those new to CrossFit.  Your first visit with one of our CrossFit trainers will help you establish personal goals based on your current level of fitness.

CrossFit:  Forging Elite Fitness

\CrossFit workouts are comprised of constantly varied functional movements (like pushing, pulling, squatting, lifting, running) executed at high intensity. At CrossFit Stockton, you will not find any machines – instead, you will find kettlebells, barbells, medicine balls, sleds, and tons of open space for running, jumping, climbing, lifting, and throwing. The workouts themselves are completely scalable, which means that a new participant and a veteran can complete the same workout with changes in load and intensity. Are workouts will deliver phenomenal fitness in and of themselves or aa complement to your sport-specific training regime.

Our programming aims to improve your capacity in ten recognized fitness domains: cardio-respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. The result is comprehensive physical fitness and restored vitality

CrossFit Stockton Kids                                                                                                                                                           282358_463936410301766_1314174541_n

CrossFit Stockton Kids workouts consist of constantly varied, functional movements that deliver a fitness that is broad, inclusive, and general. A combination of gymnastics, body-weight calisthenics, and weightlifting elements to develop capacity across Jim Cawley and Bruce Evans’ 10 General Physical Skills, with additional focus on elements that encourage bone density and vestibular system development. The functional movements involve exercises that are fundamental to all things that kids naturally do in daily life: pull, push, run, throw, climb, lift, and jump.

CrossFit Stockton Kids pairs FITNESS & FUN with every WOD which develops self-confidence and promotes healthy, life-long behaviors with our children.

All of the movements are taught safely and effectively under the close supervision of thoroughly trained CrossFit Kids Trainer. We welcome kids ages 3 to 13 years and teens.

Little Athletes Ages 6-9: This class lays the foundation for all future movements that our young athletes will encounter, whether it be sport-specific or fitness related. Athletes learn body awareness, coordination, and the fundamentals of gymnastics and strength training including forward/backward rolls, headstands, squatting, push-ups, and sit-ups. A sense of personal accomplishment is encouraged, as well as positive group interaction.

Little Athletes Ages 10-13: Athletes learn more complex movements in addition to individual skill building. This class is structured to provide our athletes with a continuation of fundamental movements, but also introduces more dynamic skills such as handstand forward rolls, different squatting/pressing/dead lifting modalities, and pull-ups. More partner and team building drills are included to create a sense of community.