CrossFit Stockton


Hey CrossFit Stockton Family.  We would like to take the time to start featuring some of our amazing athletes here at the gym.  Please feel free to submit before and after photos if you have them or nominate a member that you feel stands out.




This month we would like to introduce The Johnson Family.  The Johnson Family includes: Randy (dad), Molly (mom), Robby (12 years old) and Lily (11 years old).  They started their CrossFit endeavor in July of this past year.  Lily was invited by a friend to attend one of the CrossFit Kids classes.  As it turns out Deedee and Molly went to grade school together and so, their family adventure in CrossFit began.

Together, Randy and Molly decided they needed to make health a priority within their family.  They had the realization that if they didn’t start making better life choices now they wouldn’t be able to enjoy doing activities with their kids.  Being a family that does everything together, Randy and Molly knew they had to set the example for their kids and start living a healthy lifestyle. It’s their hope that their kids won’t have to “make a choice” to become healthier as adults but that living a healthy lifestyle is a natural way of life.

Prior to their first WOD, it’s safe to say that feeling nervous was the consensus for each of the members of the Johnson family. Randy was in the recovery process from a recent shoulder surgery during his first WOD so he had no expectation, just nerves.  He had always worked out in the past but had not always stuck with it, however, this time with the support of his family and the gym family he has stayed with it and isn’t looking back.  Molly’s first WOD was the day after her 37th birthday.  Molly quickly learned that her usual breakfast of a cereal bar wasn’t going to provide her with the energy needed to complete any WOD!  After completing the warm-up Molly felt light headed and had needed to lie down and eat some peanut butter.  Learning she wasn’t eating right was a humbling experience.  Robby’s describes his first WOD as exhausting and upsetting because burpees weren’t part of the workout  that day. Although feeling good about completing the workout he knew he would need to eat better to keep doing the workouts.  Lily although excited felt intimidated by her lack of experience and exposure to the movements of CrossFit.  By the end of the WOD she was proud of herself for trying something new but also glad that it was over.

With the exposure to so many new movements and workouts in CrossFit, it’s not a wonder that they each have a different favorite.  Randy’s isn’t a specific movement but the cross training variety that CrossFit offers.   Molly loves any WOD that includes a back squat. Robby enjoys ring dips because he wants to improve his upper body strength. Lily likes doing jump pull-ups and wall walks even though they are tiring.

The thing that keeps this family coming back is the way they all feel…stronger, healthier and confident!!  CrossFit has helped them become a closer family that enjoys being physically active together.

The advice the Johnson family would like to offer is Just Try It!! Be prepared to be humbled by your inexperience, but don’t give up.  Any decision you make to improve your quality of life is a good one!